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about me


"Just like you I am on my own journey through life and music." 

Making her own songs for a little while, her debut single release has been on March 27th, 2020. The time of reaching goals has come!


It started with playing keyboard at the age of 8. This continued with playing more piano songs during her private lessons in the music school, and eventually singing solo. Her talent was developed over the years by playing covers and uploading them on YouTube and Instagram. Once she started writing and singing her own songs, that is where she became a professional musician, while being in law school. She graduated law school and is specialised in the field of intellectual property, since she could not let go her passion for the creative industry.

Her style is similar to the traditional singer-songwriter vibe, but she has her own way of doing that - with or without the piano nowadays. Since she speaks several languages, she also sings in more than 3 languages (being Dutch, English, Farsi and Spanish). 

Kyana Dama is available to sing at your wedding ceremony, birthday party or other intimate setting to provide the perfect balance between easy listening and sing-along popmusic. Please contact her for bookings in The Netherlands. Subscribe to her channels and mailing list!

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